samedi 5 octobre 2013

Les cicatrices fleuries

This drawing is a self portrait, I find it quite realistic, if you can talk about realistic things in the way I draw. It is realistic to me because this is how I see myself since a few years, actually since my mum died from a cancer when I was 17. Now I'm 20, and even if it is still often hard for me to live without her, and despite the pain, the scars and everything I try to go on. That is why I've tried to make my ink explosions looks like a poppy. Did you knew that poppies were the only flowers growing on the battlefields during World War I ? I suppose that I'm some kind of poppie: I've got no scent but I'm tough.
I really do hope that I'm a poppy actually, because a doctor told me that the cancer that my mum had can be hereditary, and that there is good chances that I'll have one, one day. But well, everybody can catch a cancer nowadays so I try not to think about it too much.
Anyway, too much talks, I don't like to talk about myself too much but I wanted for once to explain what I do and why. Ink explosion is really how I see the world.

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