dimanche 13 octobre 2013

Isolated system.

A step by step version, because I like to see how a drawing comes to life, I don't know about you, let me know if you mind or not. I try to draw less and less in order to do more things with colours, I feel like lines are some kind of prison by the time.
Oh by the way, this is Berlin of course (Fernsehturm) after some kind of apoalypse (actually I've watched Wold War Z yesterday...) I tried to give a new face to apocalypse, not only made of grey and dust. Hope you like it =)

Voilà une version étape par étape d'un dessin, parce que j'aime bien voir comment ce dernier évolue. Dite moi si ça vous intéresse ou pas. J'essaie de moins dessiner pour pouvoir faire plus de choses juste avec la couleur, car parfois je me sens une peu prisonnière des lignes avec le temps.
Au fait, c'est Berlin après l'apocalypse bien sûr (il y a le Fernsehturm, je crois que World War Z m'a un peu influencé pour le thème...) J'ai essayé de me détourner de la représentation traditionnelle de l'apocalypse niveau couleurs, en n'utilisant pas que du gris et du noir. En espérant que vous aimez =)

samedi 5 octobre 2013

Les cicatrices fleuries

This drawing is a self portrait, I find it quite realistic, if you can talk about realistic things in the way I draw. It is realistic to me because this is how I see myself since a few years, actually since my mum died from a cancer when I was 17. Now I'm 20, and even if it is still often hard for me to live without her, and despite the pain, the scars and everything I try to go on. That is why I've tried to make my ink explosions looks like a poppy. Did you knew that poppies were the only flowers growing on the battlefields during World War I ? I suppose that I'm some kind of poppie: I've got no scent but I'm tough.
I really do hope that I'm a poppy actually, because a doctor told me that the cancer that my mum had can be hereditary, and that there is good chances that I'll have one, one day. But well, everybody can catch a cancer nowadays so I try not to think about it too much.
Anyway, too much talks, I don't like to talk about myself too much but I wanted for once to explain what I do and why. Ink explosion is really how I see the world.